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Kris Haas

Kris Haas

Portland, OR


I have had several artist statements over the years but my most recent one still seems to have the 'right fit' so to speak of my work for now.

"Into The InBetween"

Where the silence of the moment lies

The place that holds no known boundary

The place where judgments do not exist

The place that defines you and not

The place bridging the gap between who we are and who we are becoming

The place you can go to to be safe in who you are and secure with the constant knowing that it will always be there when you need it. It is always constant with what you want even when you forget its existence

"Into The InBetween" I slip uncovered and open

The place I go to in the act of creation

I have shown in many establishments over the years. Some galleries and some less traditional venues but over the past several years I have been focusing more on selling my work on the internet, mostly because of a Brain Injury Disability, caused by an accident. My brain can not filter out stimuli so it has become a necessity for me to stay home more so I am less susceptible to severe migraines, seizures, extreme fatigue, just to name a few symptoms. I am so grateful that it did not affect my creativity. In many ways being able to create has saved my sanity.

I have sold and sent out over 1000 pieces of original art all over the planet. My art is in Signapore, London, Belgium, Montreal, Dubai, Athens, Sydney just to name a few.

To view my works on canvas and wood you can find them on my personal website that I have had since 2003,

To purchase my originals please contact me at my email address of I take PayPal and major credit cards and carefully package them between 2 pieces of cardboard then placed in a flattened Priority Mail box, which will only take 2-3 business days once it is shipped.


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